Getting up close and personal with the Hora of Ios

Setting out on foot, you’ll discover that the main town of an island renowned for its love of fun and going out has an unexpectedly quiet side that you’ll adore getting to know.

Like an extrovert with a secret love of the quiet life, Ios has done a great job of convincing the world that it’s all liveliness and nightlife. The reality is that just a little exploring of its main town reveals a tender side to its personality, with corners of beauty and charm and enduring historical interest.


Walking around Hora (as the town is called), you’ll discover a labyrinth of whitewashed alleyways and photogenic windmills, for which the Cyclades islands are famed. And you’ll find yourself just as drawn by the smell of freshly baked bread wafting from bakeries as you will by the cosy bars serving sunset cocktails.

This, after all is the island of 365 churches (or so they say) – one for every day of the year. When you put it like that, you realise how Ios’ two sides have coexisted so effortlessly for so long.