Levantes Boutique Hotel: Vacation for Two

Ios or also known from the locals as Nios    is known to be one of the most adventurous and wild islands, however, there is a romantic side that only few know about. Ios is suitable for those who need a peaceful and spiritual vacation as well as for those who seek something more adventurous.

One place in Ios can cater both of those diverse sides is located 3km away from the center of the island and it is called Mylopotas. It is considered being the most beautiful beach in the island with crystal-clear turquoise waters and astonishing view, making romantic sunsets an unforgettable moment.

Visitors can enjoy the peaceful waves or party in the famous Far Out Beach Club under the stars.

In a walking distance of 10 minutes from the Mylopotas beach there is an idyllic Levantes. Since it is a boutique hotel, it limits the number of rooms, it hosts 24 rooms and suites, however it can cater the needs of all its clients. Either you want a luxurious suite with a private pool to melt all the everyday life stress or a minimal room with a panoramic view, the hotel offers a wide variety of rooms from which you can choose. Each room is designed to be in alignment to the aesthetic of the Greek islands while also being modern.

The view from most of the rooms is breathtaking, thus making every part of your stay relaxing and intimate for you and your loved one.

The hotel offers spa services where you and your companion can indulge in a variety of treatments, the resort also boasts an excellent breakfast buffet where you can sample the best of Mediterranean cuisine. Couples can also dine in the privacy of their suite while taking in the beautiful views of Ios. The hotel hosts a pool and a bar as well, when during sunset you can enjoy delicious cocktails.

Find your life companion in the island or  your love story with a stunning room in Levantes boutique Hotel.