“Restart Tourism”: Safe Vacation in Greece

After the extended lockdown period and the strict protective measures taken early and timely by the Greek government, Greece was one of the few countries that managed to contain and control the spread of COVID-19. Now, taking the first cautious and hopeful steps to the new normalcy, the Greek Tourism Ministry presented the restart plan for the sector in the post-Covid-19 period.

According to the ‘Restart Tourism’ plan, Greece during the tourism season will be able to manage possible Covid-19 cases immediately and on the spot at destinations, while safely welcoming and hosting tourists from abroad.

ios island vacation

Priorities of the the country’s tourism restart plan includes making sure employees and visitors are safe; strengthening health infrastructure in tourism destinations where needed; and supporting tourism businesses.

The minister presented the following time frame for Greek tourism restart:

  1. Monday, May 25: Yachting restrictions will be lifted
  2. Monday, June 1: Camps, campsites and year-round hotels will open
  3. Monday, June 15: All other accommodation (seasonal hotels and resorts) will open. On the same day, the first stage of lifting restrictions on international flights will take place, with aircraft landing initially only at Athens Airport
  4. Wednesday, July 1: Second stage of lifting restrictions on international flights at all Greek airports.
  5. July 15: Gradual lifting of remaining restrictions

Health protocols

Greek tourism’s restart plan provides specific health protocols for Greece’s hotels, tour buses, car leasing companies, ferries, airlines (health rules on board flights and in airports) and checks at entrance gates (questionnaires and sample tests). The health protocols will be announced once voted in parliament.

The plan also sees to enhance the health capacity especially of the country’s smaller islands by providing tests and more doctors as well as quarantine areas.

Time to Revisit our Holiday Plans!

Especially this last reference to the reinforcement of the smaller islands’ health capacity, is just what we needed to start thinking about our summer holidays in Greece again!

Apart from being one of the countries with the best COVID-19 cases ratio, Greece presents travelers with smaller islands and more quiet destinations options, allowing for social distancing next to the rest of the much needed safety measures.

Cyclades are a distinctive example of the variety Greece has to offer, being a group of islands including some of the world’s most popular and cosmopolitan destinations, like Mykonos and Santorini, situated next to destinations of less tourist traffic and more peaceful landscapes.

And the question is: which Cyclades island is smaller, quiet, but also adequately known to guarantee a safe, protected and pleasant vacation?

The answer is comes almost automatically: Ios is the best choice for our post-COVID-19 summer holidays in Greece!

Ios, according to Wikipedia, is “a hilly island with cliffs down to the sea on most sides, situated halfway between Naxos and Santorini”. Furthermore, Ios is a diverse island combining more central and popular entertainment options, and quieter, peaceful “corners”, ideal for relaxing vacations and social distancing!

The first step to safe vacation planning, would be to ensure accommodation, preferably somewhere more private, at an establishment providing the kind of amenities and facilities for a protected, lavish and relaxing experience. Taking into consideration the most prudent and comfortable ways to enjoy your vacation in Ios, and making your safety and comfort our top priority, our team at Levantes Ios Boutique Hotel is prepared to welcome you in our brand new, luxurious and safe facilities!

You can select and book from a variety of high-end rooms and suites, ideally situated next to the famous Mylopotas beach. The rooms offer a beautiful, panoramic view of the majestic bay for you to enjoy during your relaxing moments of seclusion, while the hotel’s customer-oriented services and amenities, will allow you to enjoy carefree moments of leisure, covering all your needs: personal, family and professional.

The beach of Mylopotas is one of the longest and finest in Greece, offering plenty of safety space, as well as diverse options for entertainment – from water sports and organised beach areas, to restaurants, cafes, bars and public beach space.

By staying at Levantes Ios Boutique Hotel, you have the opportunity to experience the “traditional” summer vacation in Cyclades, diving into the Aegean aquamarine waters or lounging in the golden sandy beaches, and relishing the lavish relaxation only Levantes can offer, afterwards.

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Book directly with Levantes Ios Boutique Hotel, become a member, and choose between classic and deluxe double rooms, superior double sea view rooms, triple and family rooms with glorious sea view, or opt for the junior suite. You can even lounge and swim within the safe confines of your deluxe suite, or executive maisonette with private pools.

Are you ready to revisit and restart your summer holiday plans?