Mylopotas & Levantes Ios Boutique Hotel: A Love Story – Yours!

Ιos, or Nios as the locals call it, is one of the most beautiful greek islands. Innately romantic, named after flowers and specifically the Ancient Greek word for violets, “Ia”, it has long been both a “matchmaker” to all sorts of attracting opposites and a romantic destination.

Ios Chora and old harbor

It is a small, yet diverse place, bringing together the rowdy young crowds and the low profile vacationers – and there isn’t a most iconic location best expressing this, than Mylopotas.

Mylopotas is a breathtaking sandy bay with turquoise blue, crystal waters and the largest beach on Ios island, conveniently situated only 3 km from the main village (Chora).

Speaking of “matchmaking” diverse crowds, Mylopotas graciously hosts both the low-key visitors on its large unexploited areas and the the international young, exuberant beach crew enjoying the water sports, or taking last night’s party to the famous Far Out Beach Club.

Albeit being a place that never sleeps, Mylopotas finds peace and quiet in a calming retreat of luxury snugly nestled in the arms of its bay, Levantes Ios Boutique Hotel.

A match made in heaven, animated, alluring Mylopotas is the ideal location for a serene, luxurious “hideout” like Levantes, while Levantes is the perfect lodging for visitors seeking to quietly enjoy the magical scenery at their own pace.

The Mylopotas-Levantes love story beautifully unfolds in the picturesque setting, as the rocky slope of Mylopotas bay, its radiant blue waters and Cycladic character are matched by and reflected at the traditionally sophisticated design of the Boutique Hotel, which successfully brings the bay’s exterior natural beauty in the tasteful interior.

The best hotel of Ios lovingly gazes Mylopotas through white windows and private balconies “stealing” panoramic views of the enchanting seascape, inviting you and your beloved to enjoy it together. Plan a romantic escape to the most idyllic destination of Cyclades and spend dreamy days in luxurious serenity, enjoying the brand new facilities and high quality services of Levantes Ios Boutique Hotel.

Junior suite

Choose your ideal lodging among a variety of high end accommodation options, ranging from stylish and comfortable double rooms, to deluxe double rooms, large high end suites and an exclusive executive maisonette with a private pool. Shelter your romance in spacious, relaxing rooms extending from 21 to 50 sqm, exquisitely designed in classic Cycladic style with modern decorative touches. All rooms include private balconies bringing you partial and full panoramic views of the captivating Mylopotas seascape and come with lavish amenities such as a 100 sqm main swimming pool, complimentary towels and sun beds by the pool, complimentary private parking and delicious, fresh homemade Greek breakfast (buffet) every day!

Fall in love with the stunning setting of Mylopotas, unwind and let yourself go under the pampering services of the best hotel in Ios, Levantes Ios Boutique Hotel.

Plan your dream romantic vacation in Ios, relax and live your Love Story in the privacy of a serene luxury boutique hotel in Mylopotas – find the perfect room for two at Levantes Ios Boutique Hotel!